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  1. 2002Merger of regional TOSO Service companies into single TOSO Service Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai TOSO Interior Products Co., Ltd. established.
    Tsukuba Plant and Mitsukaido Plant achieve ISO14001 certification.
  2. 2001TOSO Service Kinki Co., Ltd. established.
    TOSO Ryutsu Service Co., Ltd. established.
  3. 2000Wado Creative made subsidiary company.
    TOSO Service Tokyo Co., Ltd. established.
    Manufacturing headquarters achieves ISO9001 certification.

The History of
our Company

The story of TOSO’s Leadership

  1. 1999TOSO Service Minami Kanto Co., Ltd., and TOSO Service Kyushu Co., Ltd. established.
    Capital alliance with Wado Creative Co., Ltd.br>
  2. 1996Listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  3. 1995TOSO Shoji Co., Ltd. established.
  1. 1990Showroom opened at Akasaka, Tokyo.
    Received Distinguished Company Award from Recreational Development Center Foundation on the occasion of the third “Appraisal of Corporate Leisure-Mindedness”.
  2. 1988P.T. TOSO Industry Indonesia established.
  3. 1986Ibaraki Plant-2 (the present Mitsukaido Plant) JIS certified for Venetian blinds.
  4. 1985Ibaraki Plant-2 (the present Mitsukaido Plant) established.
    TOSO Sangyo-Shizai Co., Ltd. and TOSO International Co., Ltd.
    (the present Overseas Department) established.


In the Past


and in the Future

  1. 1981Established JV with Silent Gliss Co. (Switzerland)
    Best Interior Co., Ltd. (the present Silent Gliss Corporation) established.
  2. 1979Absorbed TOSO Kako Co., Ltd. and TOSO Seni Co., Ltd. via merger.
  3. 1976Fuji Home Co., Ltd. made a subsidiary.
    The present Tsukuba Plant becomes JIS certified for curtain tracks.
  4. 1972Changed trade name to TOSO Co., Ltd.
  1. 1968TOSO Kako Co., Ltd. (the present Tsukuba Plant) made wholly owned subsidiary.
    TOSO Seni Co., Ltd. established in Hamamatsu.
  2. 1961Changed trade name to TOSO Co., Ltd.
  3. 1949Tokyo Sobi Kogyo Co., Ltd. established.
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