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Ti-8040 Motorised Curtain Track

Super smooth and ultra-quiet operation under 35 dB due to

  • Vibration control shaft
  • Noiseless rollers
  • Electrophoretic painting of profile, rather than powder coating, resulting in even coat of paint, and paint reaches all areas of the profile
  • Vibration control shaft in the motor
  • Noiseless roller, with special resin wheel for silence
  • Most systems are around 45 dB, and a difference of 10 dB is considered halving of the sound

Has a built-in electromagnetic clutch, allowing the curtain to be opened by hand

  • Both with the power on and off
  • This minimises the risk of damage to curtain heading, if the guest is unaware that it is a motorised system, and opening by hand it feels like most manual curtain track systems

Touch motion function with opening and closing of curtains

  • Pull the curtain 20cm, and it opens or closes


Motor has built-in receiver, and can be operated both as dry and wet technology in the one motor

  • Can still be operated by remote control or wall mount, even if connected to a switch

Automatically identifies and sets Open and Stop operation limits

Slow start and slow stop functions

Universal Design

Safety—Hand-draw System for Hotel

With manual operation the curtain can be pulled by hand as smoothly as a
hand-draw manual track with no damage to system.

Touch motion system for your home

The “Touch Motion” system allows opening/closing of curtains without using any switch. The “Touch Motion” can be switched off if required.

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