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  • Creaty Drum with the Speed Controller inside breaks a sharp fall the shade.
  • Creaty Cord with a heart cum stopper offers an easy stop without swaying.
  • Twin shade systems are available both for Drum type and Cord type shades.

Creaty Drum

TOSO’s Unique Single-Point Recoiling Drum Enables a stable lift-cord reeling: taking up the lift cord at a single point without lateral swaying when lifting the screen. Allows the screen to be neatly folded.


Simple Continuous Operation

With a continuous clutch, Creaty Drum offers a one-handed operation



Transparent ball chains match most fabrics and don’t stand out.


Easy Maintenance

The RS Tape Ring N realizes easy maintenance. No need to put the cord through each ring one by one. Just slide the cord into this S-shaped ring from the side.


Quiet Operation

Pulley improvements greatly reduce noise when raising or lowering shades

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