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  1. 2008Turn-up screen”VISIC” received The Good Design Award
  2. 2007Curtain track “Cortina” and Vertical blind “Dual“
    and Interior screen “SUKIGAMI” received The Good Design Award.
  3. 2006Roller blinds “Mytec Seeds” and Curtain accessory “Arm Holder” received The Good Design Award.
  4. 2005Introduced exquisite “Gracier” collection target high-end consumers.
    DIY Curtain track “Lifty” awarded at New Product Contest sponsored by DIY Show.
    Curtain track “Outlook 1” received The Good Design Award.
  5. 2002Wooden blinds “Venewood” line introduced. Venetian blinds with heat-shielding slats added to line.
  6. 2001Entire line of Pleated blinds manufactured without formaldehyde.
  7. 2000Motorized Curtain tracks “Felio” and “Premio” introduced.

The History of
our Products

Superb design

  1. 1999Automatic control system “TIOS-II” introduced.
  2. 1999Venetian blinds “New Ceramy” awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for Inventive Design at the 22nd Invention Award competition.
    Venetian blinds “New Raison” awarded honorable mention in Japan DIY Association New and Hit Products Contest.
    Interior hook “Forms” received The Good Design Award.
  3. 1996“Picture Rail” line introduced. “TIOS-II” automatic control system introduced. “Fusakake,”
    “New Ceramy 15X,” and “Cubicle” received The Good Design Award.
  4. 1994“Top Treatment” line introduced. Panel door “Flexies” introduced.
  5. 1992Pleated blind “Shiori” introduced.
  6. 1990Ultrasonic Roller blind “Iota 2020” delivered to Tokyo Metropolitan Government building.
  1. 1989Motorized Roman shades introduced. Motorized Venetian blinds introduced.
  2. 1988Linear Motorized Curtain track “Bestec” introduced.
    “Refre” style Curtain track receives Fukuda Special Prize at 13th Invention Award competition.
  3. 1986Motorized Vertical blinds introduced.
  4. 1985Roman shades, Panel tracks, and Motorized Roller blinds introduced.
  5. 1984Roller blind “Mytec”received The Good Design Award.
  6. 1982 Vertical blinds “Silhouette” introduced.
    World Collection of global Curtain tracks and accessories imported and marketed in Japan.

Revolutionary technology

Reliable product quality

  1. 1978Venetian blinds “Slat 25, 18” and “Slat 25MP, 18MP” introduced.
  2. 1977Roller blinds introduced.
  3. 1975Folding Door “Majikiri” introduced.
  4. 1971Japan’s first free-size (extendable) Curtain track “Adjusta-101 Sets” introduced.
  5. 1964Motorized Curtain tracks introduced.
  6. 1963Plastic Curtain track “Mine Set” introduced.
  7. 1959“C Type Home Rail Set” put on the market.
  8. 1953“C Type” form metallic Curtain track launched out.
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