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Two-story head rail, innovative roman blind

Creaty Drum and Drum Twin debut!

TOSO Company, Ltd. (HQ Tokyo, Japan) is launching a new roman blind system, Creaty. Creaty offers single and double blind options with reliable built-in recoiling drums.Roman blind is one of the popular window treatment solutions, and its popularity is still growing. For small size, double blinds, and operational ease, TOSO is confidently releasing Creaty Drum and Drum Twin.

Creaty is a name given by TOSO, associated with words “creation” and “quality.”
Creaty Drum Twin

Creaty Product Information

[Product] Creaty Drum Single blind operated by one system.
Creaty Drum Twin Two blinds operated by one system.

Drum Twin  Innovative Two-Story head rail→
Compact and innovative Two-story head rail.
One-end and Two-ends operation selectable.
For small to large window. (Width 4004000mm)

2. Advanced function and operation

Relay clutch system enables one-handed operation.
Design improvement: Clear ball chain blends in with glass windows.
Better speed control: Speed controller for safe and stable operation.
Maintenance ease: Much easier attachment and removal of blinds with remodeled components.
For Comfort: Operational noise minimized by modifying parts further.
Installation ease: Bracket modified for better working efficiency.

If you would like to learn more about Creaty, please download Product Features Creaty.