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TOSO Australia is a Joint Venture Company with Japan’s leading manufacturer of window furnishings TOSO Company, Limited who have over 60 years’ experience and are ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified. The Mytec roller blind has been tested for 10,000 up and down movements to meet its minimum acceptable quality level, with a 5 year warranty on all componentry for its single, dual or linked systems and is considered the best roller blind system in the market.

When choosing a roller blind, the mechanism should be as carefully considered as the fabric choice. This is often forgotten, as the focus quickly moves to colour and type of fabric, with the assumption that all roller blinds are the same, and they go up and down in the same way.


Where the TOSO system is different from standard blinds in the market is:


Most blinds, you pull the chain a metre, and it rises or lowers by a metre or less. With the TOSO system, you pull the chain a metre, and it rises or lowers by 1.7 metres, so 70% or more faster than the operation of a standard blind, so the advantage with that is you can raise or lower the blind with less pulls of the chain.

The other benefit is that in some circumstances it is impractical (no millions) or ascetically not pleasing to the eye to have a safety restraint installed, but if you have the chain ending 1.6 metres above the floor, you do not need to have a safety restraint installed, and because of its gearing, it is not as hard to raise or lower the blind, but with a 1 to 1 operation, this would be more difficult.

LIGHTNESS in operation

Every Mytec blind comes with a spring, with 8 different sizes depending on the size of the blind. With a standard blind, they
normally only have a spring assist for larger sizes, and without that spring assist you to have to apply more force to raise or lower the blind, and even when the blind comes with a spring assist it is still heavier to operate than the Mytec system.

Also, it is that light, as was designed for a Japanese woman to operate, you literally could use your finger tips to pull the blind up and down, rather than having to grip the chain in your hand. The same even applies to a linked blind which can go to 5 metres in width, and because of the larger spring, it is still light to operate. The springs can also be tensioned, so that either pulling up or lowering can even be lighter, though it will be heavier on the reverse way. This makes it ideal for older people who are frail or have arthritis.

SMOOTHNESS in operation

With its fast gearing and lightness in operation, it is very smooth to operate without the jerking affect that can occur with other blinds.

The profile is also extruded in Australia so as to ensure consistent quality, a product from overseas varies in quality from shipment to shipment, with the 42mm pipe (6060 T6) having a wall thickness of 1.5mm and the 46mm pipe (6661 T6) with 3mm thickness which minimises the risk of deflection in larger sized blinds.

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