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New! TOSO,the No.1 maker of Roman Blind mechanism,

has redesigned its cord-type mechanism, following on the earlier drum-type model.
Creaty Cord and Cord Twin debut!

TOSO COMPANY, LIMITED, a general manufacturer of window-related interior goods (head office in Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Mr. Yasuto Otsuki) launched on October 1 the Roman blind cord-type mechanism known as “Creaty Cord.”

"Creaty” has been developed by TOSO with the full confidence that this mechanism will be the next standard in the Roman blind market. Encouraged by the high ratings of the “Creaty Drum” drum-type mechanism in the market and its excellent sales record, both the basic performance and the design of the new product have been drastically improved relative to the preceding Padina model blind, since this new cord-type mechanism is engineered to use common parts with the drum-type mechanism. So the blind product has now been reborn as one that can be used with even greater confidence.


* This simple cord-type mechanism comes with several lift cords extending from the end of the mechanism and allows the screen to be raised and lowered by pulling the cords. This mechanism is suitable for relatively smaller windows, as the weight of the fabric is directly counterbalanced by hand.
The drum-type mechanism winds up one lift cord on one corresponding coiling drum. This mechanism is relatively suitable for larger windows, since the coiling drum rotates via a ball chain located at the end of the mechanism and thus requires less force to raise and lower the screen than the cord-type.

Creaty Cord Twin
Creaty Cord Single
Creaty Drum Twin
Creaty Drum Single

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